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Marisa Kearse
Gissell Sweezy
Pele Bennett

Inspired by a passion to fuse fashion with the love of sports and being a fan!  Tribute Brands was founded with the vision to design, manufacture and distribute unique, high quality, sport-inspired sweaters more feminine and on trend with fashion rather than traditional team sportswear.  


A design concept significant enough to portray admiration of a specific team, school or organization; while at the same time preserving a sense of individuality, style and fun, no matter the setting.  A new take on a traditional concept of demonstrating spirit with clothing that is appropriate for the field, a casual day at work, or dinner with friends!


Commitment to quality first and customer service, product and  experience. Tribute Brands stands behind its products in every sense to ensure satisfaction for all customers.  Tribute Brands is committed to the pursuit of innovation in its production, vendor relationships, product offerings and customer experience.


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